Joint Ventures


Motivated by continuous pursuit for perfection and excellence, Emitac stands for innovation and creativity, with strong dedication to deliver exceptional quality to their customers. Their product and service mix extends along their customers’ value chains, giving them powerful competitive advantage. Emitac has been providing value-added technology that drives leading regional and multinational organizations.

KalSoft has signed an agreement with Avanza Microsoft Technology Group (MTG) and Emitac Enterprise solutions (EES) resulting in the combination of the service delivery capabilities of the two companies and strengthening its drive of Microsoft Software services by merging with the Avanza MTG Business Development.

The strategic agreement between KalSoft ,Avanza Solutions and EES, charts a new dimension to customer service in the region. As per the agreement Avanza MTG – Services Delivery and Support has merged with KalSoft to increase the breadth, depth and delivery quality of Microsoft practices and Avanza MTG Sales and Presales team has merged with EES, accelerating EES’s Microsoft business relationship.

This merger has not only enhanced business relationship between the Companies but has also resulted in tremendous synergies with value added offerings from all of them.

KalSoft with its years of experience in Microsoft technology space, Avanza with its broad market reach and effective partner network in the Middle East and EES - a DLAR, would definitely be a winning combination for customers who look out for partners with exceptional service, experience and sound technology knowledge.

“Avanza Solutions and Emitac has a very well-established and highly respected position in the Middle East market and this initiative is in response to the customer’s demands for comprehensive one window end to end services across all aspects of the business IT needs.” Says Khurram Hanif Kalia, President & CEO, KalSoft

"Our market is expanding, and so is the demand for efficient services ” says Junaid Khan, CEO, Avanza Solutions. He adds, “Our agreement with KalSoft multiplies our capacity and capability to not only provide exceptional quality services but also enriches the services portfolio, thereby enhancing the efficiency of operations. ”


QDS has strengthened its play and expanded its presence in the regional IT solutions, services and support market by building long term relationships with customers and principals. QDS has grown from strength to strength blending the latest of technology with impeccable business acumen and meeting the most challenging requirements of fast–evolving IT landscape through strategic joint ventures, world class vendor alliances, extensive and strategic vertical focus and a well trained and talented workforce.

KalSoft and Qatar Datamation Systems, (QDS), has agreed to work together in a collaborative sales process, applying their complementary capabilities for the benefit of each other hence generating certain business opportunities.


Offering a wide range of cross-IT-industry products, applications and services to meet the majority IT infrastructure needs of our customers, Arabic Computer Systems (ACS) is part of the National Technology Group (NTG) of Companies. Its core strength & value come from the expertise of being able to mend various pieces of technologies together to deliver solutions that actually solve customer problems.

Founded in 1984 with more than 1000 IT professionals it took a position of a multi-national technology group with a presence throughout the Middle-East, India, Sri Lanka, UK, and the USA.

Today, ACS is the largest Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Company in the Middle East, offering a comprehensive range of solutions and services that cater to the IT needs of Enterprise customers all over the Kingdom.

KalSoft and ACS has agreed to provide Microsoft Related IT services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in response to the opportunities related to the provision of Microsoft IT Solutions and Services.


With few exceptions, enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business-critical services - often directly to the end consumer. It is therefore vital that the mission critical data center is designed, maintained and operated with hi-availability and efficiency in mind.

EPI delivers a wide range of data centre infrastructure services which enables businesses to design, implement, optimize, test, operate and maintain their mission critical data centre to ensure it meets and exceeds the business expectations.

Their extensive range of data centre services includes services such as, data centre consulting, data centre design evaluation, data centre design validation, data centre surveys, data centre assessments, data centre audits and data centre audit certification based on standards such as SS507, ISO/IEC-24762, ANSI/TIA-942 and other relevant international data centre standards.

EPI also offers a wide range of globally accredited certified data centre professional training such as CDCP / CDCS / CDCE / CDFOM / CITM / CDRP / CDMS / CDSM / CTDC / CTIA / CTEA.

KalSoft has joined hand with EPI to offer the datacenter related courses to the related client. Which will enable the organizations to educate and align their staff on data centre design principles, data centre efficiency, green data centre principles, data centre management, data centre operations management, security management, disaster recovery management, data centre migration, ANSI/TIA-942 design and audit. These courses are accredited by bodies such as EXIN and the Professional Engineers Board and others. EPI’s courses have also been approved by BICSI for the BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs).