Cloud Eco System


KalSoft has established itself to provide SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services to its customers to help them extend their business and ROIs via many cloud related functionalities which will help them grow faster than ever imagined.

Via cloud Eco system integration services, businesses can reduce up-front infrastructure capital and maintenance costs while also reducing or keeping their in-house infrastructure footprint or inventory under control.

By taking advantage of our Cloud system integration services, customers can:

  • Run several solutions on the same cloud.
  • Take their applications and files wherever they go.
  • Centrally manage and secure their hardware.

By being able to avail such services customers will be able to:

  • Make their business Agile, contestable and scalable.
  • Work fluently without getting in to the complexity of change in the infrastructure, operations or legal policies.
  • Can make an instant transition to service oriented organization while having a strong base, management and enterprise level capabilities and more!

Our Cloud Eco System Integration Services offers the following cloud based opportunities which can improve the structure of how you do your business.

Windows Azure

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KalSoft in partnership with Microsoft and Windows Azure is providing extensive features and services to enable its customers to run solutions on one same cloud. By providing access to built-in software patching, network load balancing and 24x7 technical support, KalSoft can enable its customers to enhance their business and save money to become agile.

Office 365

See how Office 365 Works

KalSoft is offering deployment of Office 365, giving its users the familiarity and the power of office with the flexibility of the cloud.

Having office in the cloud will help the users to take their applications and files with them wherever they go, whether they’re working offline at their desktop, online, or on one of their devices. They can edit files at their PC or Mac. Email or share files from their tablet. Join an online meeting from their phone and much more. What they need is access from anywhere to stay up to date.


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Along with a huge list of services being provided by KalSoft in partnership with Microsoft cloud initiative, Windows Intune is also being offered as a cloud service that would help the customers to centrally manage and secure their PCs through a simple web-based console.

Windows Intune enables flexible work styles by empowering users to work from virtually anywhere, with the tools they need. It helps organizations manage and protect their devices, including devices running the Windows desktop operating system, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Mac OS, iOS, or Android, in one unified solution, either through the cloud or by extending their existing on premise infrastructure.